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How to turn off grammar and spelling checks?

Writing Analytics has several grammar checks built-in to help you refine your prose during revision. By default, the checks are off during writing sessions and on for revision sessions. You can turn them on and off each check individually from the editor menu.

Click on the main menu icon in the top-left corner of the editor:

Then, select Highlights:

A settings window will pop up where you can select which checks you'd like to use:

How to export your draft to another program?

Navigate to the results of a finished session (the one that you'd like to export) and scroll down to the Draft. You can click the Export button on the right to save the draft as a file on your computer:

You can also copy the draft into your clipboard to paste it directly to the other app. To do so, click the three dots next to the Export button and select Copy to clipboard:

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